It’s time to come to your senses. Your senses are meant to perceive the world around you. Living organs intended to blend the inner with the outer landscape. And what a wondrous world it is, when you feel the Earth touching you while you touch the Earth in return. With a background in branding and hours of training in working with plants, tantra, pranayama (breathing) techniques & Eastern philosophy, founder Marije Pöpping (NL) created Sense the Plants to weave everything into one. Her endless love and curiosity for our relationship with the natural world is the driving force of Sense the Plants.   

What are Plant Practices

The Plant Practices of Sense the Plants are designed to discover what a specific plant has to tell us. It’s a new way of working with herbs. We do not only ingest the plant to experience its subtle properties, but also quiet the mind and stimulate our bodily senses. Through these practices we become so open, so receptive, that plants are able to weave themselves into our being. By doing so, plants become our teachers and we gain insights about ourselves through a form of deep listening. 

Contact me

Any questions, inquiries or would you like to collaborate? Don't hesitate to reach out at info@sensetheplants.com.